Do you awake with dry, flaky skin on your face in the winter?

It’s likely that you think the cold is at fault. However, the real culprit is low humidity at home. The dry air causes your skin to become dry and dry with disastrous results.

Your skin could peel and crack, and wrinkles could get more noticeable. For added aggravation it is likely that you will notice your lips cracking as well. Overall it’s a rather miserable situation.

The issue lies in the dry, stale air that draws moisture from your skin, so the most effective option is to manage the humidity level that is present in your air.

Ideally, the amount of relative heating & cooling humidity at your home should range from 35 percent to 45%. However, the use of heaters can cause this to drop to single figures , which can have disastrous results for your skin. It is fortunately, repairing this problem is simple.

All you have to do is apply an humidifier that cools the air to increase the humidity at home. The skin absorbs the moisture throughout the day and at night creating a soft and smooth.

Cool best air humidifiers are basic devices that function by transforming water into tiny droplets before blasting them out to the surrounding air. The vapor is then able to increase the humidity of your home.

Humidifiers aren’t expensive as well as simple to operate. All you have to do is fill tanks with water turn it on and let it perform its job. The best humidifiers have self-regulating functions and will shut off when the water level is low.

In addition to moisturizing your lips and skin an air humidifier that cools your air can also help relieve congestion and cold sinuses. It may also help to keep your plants in your home from dying. If you’re looking good in winter months, get a humidifier that cools your skin. It’ll bring that youthfulness to the skin, and reduce winter-related skin inflammations at the same.