The ups and downs of the game can be a great solution. One minute you are awake and the next minute you are depressed. The rush you feel when you get that big hit is exhilarating! You think you have a winning machine, so you raise the stakes. The first blows you lose, but you are sure that the next will be the greatest. You keep pressing that button, wishing for that big hit. Now you are depressed. It feels depressing. You are no longer ahead. You lose all the money you came with but you want to keep playing. You are sure this machine will pay off soon, so go to the nearest ATM. Now you are spending your bill money, but you are sure you will get it back … and more. Does it sound familiar to you? This is an indication that you probably have a gambling addiction.

Once you’ve realized that you really have a gambling addiction, you need to admit it, at least to yourself. Now what do you do about it? How can you get rid of this burning desire to race to the slot machines every time you have money? As a former gambling addict, I found the answer. The need to gamble was buried deep in my soul. He had gaps that he was trying to fill. The game will allow you UFA  to fill those gaps temporarily. It is only while in the act of betting that you can feel those gaps being filled. The game will only give you a false sense of integrity. You need to dig deeper to determine why you have these gaps, and then learn how to fill them with good stuff. The more satisfying your life, the less your need for this addiction.

So how do you create a satisfying life? How do you get there? In my experience, it comes one day at a time. You have to do nice things for yourself every day. You have to give yourself credit when you pay a bill instead of spending the money in the game. The following are 4 things that I incorporated into my life on a regular basis that allowed me to become whole, completely satisfied, and free from gambling:

1. Positive affirmations
2. Keep a journal
3. Visualization
4. Hypnotherapy

These 4 things allowed me to fill in the gaps in my life. They allowed me to no longer get stuck in the slots. What an exhilarating feeling it was to finally feel the freedom of no longer having to fight the urge to gamble. You too can have this exhilarating sensation. You can quit too! If I did it, you can too!