Envision this: you took months picking and staying the little, happiness giving, shimmering jewels on the glue canvas you have endeavored to shield from everything environmental. Your last item sparkles and shines in the light and you can feel the perfect mosaic precious stone canvas nearly grin back at you as the finish of your difficult work and devotion. It is practically mystical for some time and you relax in the wonder of your finished work until the beast power of gravity routs you and gradually, your precious stones begin falling… . individually.

Fixing the Diamond Painting

The sentiment of irritation and misery that must go with one who encounters the wonder of gravity demolish their delightful show-stopper can be maintained a strategic distance from. You should simply seal! Fixing is the way toward covering your precious stone composition with a defensive film of a sealant, therefore improving the life span of your completed workmanship and “locking” the jewels in their place, so they don’t tumble off. All you have to do to ensure your precious stone artistic creation is to wrap everything up.

The way toward fixing is very simple and clear and doesn’t request an excess of work, in any case, it does something amazing to secure your valuable show-stopper.

To seal a jewel painting, you should follow the given advances so you can guarantee your work stays sheltered and secured:

Things you have to seal your jewel painting:

A sealant (or the defensive film that will cover your jewel painting, for example, a Sealer Glue or Finish (Gloss Mod Podge, sap or even clear nail clean can be utilized on the off chance that a legitimate sealant is inaccessible). The sort of sealant you use relies on you, however there is one significant condition that you should remember: the sealant stays polished and straightforward after totally drying.

Jewel Painting Sealant

A roller device to help level and fix any free jewel

Jewel Painting Roller Tool

A little paintbrush or a material to clean the finished canvas, in the event that it has dust on it

A couple of tweezers to choose stray hair or build up or some other molecule

Cross Tweezers for Diamond Painting

The greater part of the things referenced above are generally accessible even in the family unit, so there won’t be a lot of difficulty to discover them.

Seal your precious stone artwork [Step by Step]

The accompanying advances give you clear directions regarding how you should seal your jewel painting:

1. Start by pushing down delicately with a roller. This progression guarantees that all the jewels diamondpainting.com are squeezed immovably onto the canvas and are not free.

2. On the off chance that any jewel is lost, you should make a point to fix it back onto the glue canvas.

3. Utilizing a couple of tweezers, select any wanderer hair or build up.

4. Delicately get over residue or particles from the canvas utilizing a little paintbrush or a bit of dry material.

5. Utilize a marginally moist material to wipe off any remaining wax or glue that covers a precious stone. This normally happens during the procedure, yet you have to clean the buildup to ensure the canvas is totally spotless.

6. Utilizing a different, greater paintbrush, spread the canvas with a layer of your favored sealant.

7. On the off chance that the sealant is in a splash bottle, utilize short eruptions of shower to cover the whole work of art. This guarantees equivalent inclusion.

8. Let the canvas evaporate totally before setting it for show.

NOTE: If the precious stone composition pack is an incomplete drill unit, don’t cover the top quality printed picture with the sealant. Just utilize the sealant on parcels with the jewels.